GTA San Andreas Cheats: What Sets this Online Game Apart?

If you've been playing GTA San Andreas for some time now, you probably have noticed the good points about the game and used the GTA San Andreas cheats. But if you are someone who's just about to try it out, here are the good things that you will enjoy when you start playing.

Great Plot

As soon as you enter into the scenes, you will be playing the role of Carl Johnson who is the main character. You'll be fighting enemies and police forces to defend yourself having been tagged as the one responsible for the death of Carl's mother.

You'd be swept into so many crazy stuffs and be challenged to give it all to annihilate your enemies and be introduced to the underworld where Mafia rules.

The story is so unique and exciting you will be emotionally, mentally and physically involved. When you finish the game, you will find yourself asking for more.


The graphics may not be the best there is, but the kind of animations in the GTA San Andreas is something that surpasses that of every online game that has been conceived. The rest of the aspects of the game compensates for the little inadequacies related to graphics.


The sound is something that you can call phenomenal and first of its kind. This is due to the many radio stations which air different varieties of music. There is even the sound feature that allows users to customize their music with their chosen tracks.

The crash, the blast and voice sound effects are simply nice to listen to. That's something you want to hear as you go through the wars, the killings, the planning and the excitement that go with you journey through dangerous places and situations. Specifically, you'll find the nice rendering of the voice acting for Carl Johnson by Young Maylay.


The controls are easy to learn and maneuver. You might get confused at first sitting, but reviewers say that it won't take long to get used to manual operations. For those who've been using the PS2 version of the game and you want to play it with your personal computer, just buy and use a PC converter. The game has also been designed for use for several computer consoles such as PS3, Xbox and PC.

Variety Of Things to Do

There are so much that you can do in this game. It's like you living your normal life on the screen. There's just so much to do. You can date beautiful ladies, do missions, dine in restaurants and do shopping for daily needs. Make sure that you study GTA San Andreas cheats for you to be able to enjoy all the activities allowed for players to do.

Bonus Play Modes after Finishing the Game

Beating the GTA San Andreas is not the end for players. After all the knockouts and the winnings, you can continue playing in the other mod options such as car mod and Bigfoot mod. There's also the option that challenges players to search for the Easter Eggs.

Availability of GTA San Andreas Cheats

There'll be stages in the game that you might find too difficult. Just as in other online games, the manufacturers of San Andreas have secret codes to cheat the game. Here in this site, there are cheats available for this particular game. Just take time to study them before hitting the road.